New Watch Dogs DLC brings new weapons and missions

The time for new single player missions, new unlockable weapons,and new bonuses for Watch Dogs is here! Season pass members have had Ubisoft’s DLC for Watch Dogs for a week now, but now is the time for the rest of you to get your hands on the new DLC for Watch Dogs, costing $6.99. You can also still grab the season pass for Watch Dogs for $19.99. The new single player missions include, The Palace, Signature Shot, and Breakthrough.

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New Watch Dogs DLC bringing new weapons and missions

Now, as I said before, the DLC includes three new single player missions, including, The Palace, Signature Shot, and Breakthrough. In The Palace, you must rush to the home of an internet mogul and wipe his hard drive of all the information on you, Aiden, and Dedsec before the planned raid from the police occurs. After you are done with the hard drive, you must take out the mogul before he releases any information he knows. In Signature Shot, a shipment of biometric weapons has surfaced Chicago, and Aiden wants to be the first to get his hands on them, literally.

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The guns only fire to the first person to imprint their palm on the handle. Sneak into the Viceroy stronghold, smuggle the weapons, and get out of there with your new prized weapons. Lastly, in Breakthrough, the Chicago South Club and a group of CEOs are holding a secret meeting. It’s up to you to break in, and put an end to their dealings, and them. But first, you must take out the scramblers by locating their vehicles and taking them out before you can even think about getting into that meeting.

As for the new weapons, the two new weapons are the Biometric Rifle from the Signature Shot mission, and the Auto-6 pistol. You also unlock new outfits, and get a various amount of bonuses, perks, and boosts. Those include, the Dedsec Battery boost, a Blume Weapon boost, a Driving Master boost, and an ATM Hack boost.

SOURCE: Ubisoft Blog


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