Western Digital Black 2; World’s First SSD + HDD Dual Drive

Many companies tried making hybrid drives in the past such as Seagate’s Momentus XT. Although it performed better than all other mechanical hard drives but the performance was miles behind a Solid State drive. The reason for Momentus XT low performance was the lack sufficient NAND, 8 GB is not enough for caching all the user data. The true dual drive is finally here, Western Digital Black 2 which has two separate drives, one 120 GB SSD and one 1 TB HDD in a single package.

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Western Digital Black 2; SSD + HDD Dual Drive

Western Digital Black 2 accommodates one 120 GB SSD and one 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD in a single 2.5 mm form factor. It gets even more interesting, Black 2 is an ideal solution for users looking for a SSD as well as a HDD in their laptops but the lack of options just leaves them with the HDD, since a lot of laptops do not come with dual drive options. Western Digital Black 2 solves this problem because users will have complete control on how to allocate their data and on which drive. As simple as it sounds, users can install the OS on the 120 GB SSD and store their files, movies, TV Shows, Music etc on the 1 TB HDD.

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In terms of performance, Western Digital Black 2 is compatible with SATA III 6 Gbps. The dual drive has a sequential read speed of 350 MB/s and and sequential write speed of 140 MB/s. Black 2 consumes only 0.9W while idling and 1.9W during load. The price of Western Digital Black 2 is $299 USD, which is a little on the higher side considering you can get both a 120 GB and 1 TB HDD for approximately $250. Though separate drive might cost cheaper and Black 2 might not appeal to the desktop users but in my opinion its a great solution for laptop and ultrabook users.

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