Windows 9 Preview Build 6.4.9829 appears online; launching Sept 30th

We have some great news for Windows users. Microsoft is on schedule for the launch of Windows 9 Preview which is scheduled for September 30th, 2014. Softpedia was able to get hold of the desktop screenshot of Windows 9 Preview Build 6.4.9829 which is being tested internally by Microsoft. The screenshot does reveal the promised changes as mentioned in our earlier Microsoft Modern UI 2.0 report. All eyes are on the Start Menu and I must say I am not disappointed. Surely, it’s not what everyone wanted but you can call it Start Menu 2.0.

Windows 9 Preview Build 6.4.2829 _1

Windows 9 Preview Build 6.4.9829 spotted online

After a dreadful start of Windows 8, Microsoft is looking to amend things in Windows 9 Threshold. A lot of changes are expected in the upcoming OS and we might get lucky to see them in the Preview build which is scheduled for release end of this month. Major changes include the disabling of Start Screen by default for desktop users, Interactive Live Tiles, exclusion of Charms Bar, inclusion of Notification Center and two separate versions (Desktop & Tablet).

The screenshot above is taken from a test build 6.4.9829 and reveals the start menu. This might be the Windows 9 Preview build which will be available for everyone but for the mean time it is being tested by Microsoft’s employees. This is the second time we are seeing the Start Menu which will be featured in Threshold and it does look good. One might argue that it feels a little cramped with those live titles but the core aspect of the Start Menu is there so we take it a positive sign.

Windows 9 Preview Build 6.4.2829 _2

The second image is one of the concept art designed by a fellow developer. The resemblance between the concept art and the real Start Menu is astonishing. Anyways, the leak suggests that Microsoft is working at a rapid pace to meet the August 2015 launch of Windows 9. On the other hand, I can bet that Microsoft will not bring all the proposed changes in the final version because after all these years the company has learned to emphasize on consumer feedback.

Personally, I more interested in seeing Cortana for desktop coupled with the new Start Menu and the Notifications Center in Windows 9 Preview build. I am hoping that Microsoft does not make mistakes this time because Windows is the mostly widely used OS and it will be extremely sad to see it fade away with time. Lets hope we get all Modern UI 2.0 features in Windows 9 Preview build to judge the operating system better.


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