New Windows 9 screenshots reveal Metro style start menu

Microsoft is preparing the preview build of Windows 9 which will be available this fall. One of the major changes include bringing back the start menu on popular demand. New Windows 9 screenshots reveal that the Windows 8 Metro element will be incorporated in the start menu which might annoy users who wanted the traditional menu found in Windows 7 and earlier builds. Metro apps with their live tiles will be displayed on the start menu but in a compact design unlike Windows 8.

Windows 9 screenshots start menu _1

Windows 9 Build 6.4.9788; start-menu details

Windows 9 Preview build 9788 was found in Microsoft’s database which indicates that it will be released to general public soon after Windows 8.1 Update 2. Windows 8.1 Update 2 is expected to arrive sometime in August so Windows 9 Preview should arrive in Q4 2014.

Windows 9 will have elements from Windows 7 as well as Windows 8. Microsoft does not want to kill its Metro UI since it has become a trademark in Windows Phones, Xbox One and Windows 8. The whole idea behind Windows 9 is to attract die hard desktop users who are still fond of using Windows 7. Microsoft will end mainstream support for Windows 7 in January 2015 while extended support will be available for a little longer.

Windows 9 screenshots start menu _2

Windows 9 will ditch the start screen and introduce the long awaited start menu on the desktop screen. The PC settings and sharing menu will be embedded inside the start menu as well making it a little crowded than expected. The left column is filled with apps’ Metro UI while the right column will include the power options and recently used apps. User account settings can also be accessed from the right column while the search bar is placed at the bottom left side.

More details of Windows 9 will be revealed once the Preview Build leaks out before the official release. Windows 9 will support DirectX 12 which is expected to bring major improvements in gaming. Windows 8 had many issues for gamers but Microsoft is confident that Windows 9 will over come those issues.

Source: PC Beta


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