Xbox One price revealed by Amazon Germany

Microsoft released their all-new Xbox One gaming console a few days ago but they did not give any specific price or the date when sale begins. However, we seem to have gotten some information about its pricing. It just got listed on Amazon Germany for 599 EUR; this means that USA price will also be around $599. Now, that price is really high for a console and its not even official yet but it surely gives it some pointers about what could be the possible price.

The $599 price-tag might seem surprisingly high for Xbox One when compared to Wii U or PS4 (which might be priced at 399 EUR) but considering the fact that the new Kinect will be bundled with all Xbox One consoles makes the price a bit more easier to swallow. Either way, I wouldn’t consider this price tag final until we have some more compelling rumor or an official announcement.

Xbox One Price


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