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YouTube live stream rolling out on mobile apps

YouTube Live Stream

The video juggernaut YouTube has announced that their live stream feature is coming to mobile apps very soon. YouTube has been offering live streaming since almost 5 years now but recently, Facebook Live and Periscope has taken a lead in this arena with the feature being easily accessible from mobile apps.

In an announcement on the YouTube Creators blog, Kurt Wilms, Product Lead, Immersive Experiences at YouTube said that this feature will open up a new chapter in YouTube’s live stream.

The live streaming feature will be baked right into the YouTube apps on Android and iOS. Any user can go live by pressing the big red capture button. In addition to the live stream, the broadcaster will also be able to chat with the viewers in real time on the same screen. Furthermore, the live stream will have all the properties of regular videos –  you will be able to search them, make playlists and find them through recommendations. The biggest advantage of YouTube live stream will be speed and reliability that comes with Google’s state of the art infrastructure.

YouTube has opened this feature to some users on VidCon while others will be getting it very soon.


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